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These are some of the most common questions flyfishers have asked us about ...

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What length of flyrod will the case hold ? 
REEL NEET Flyrod cases will accommodate all lengths of flyrods up to 11 ft.  We can even make cases for back-packing rods of 3 or 4 sections.

How much does the case weigh ?
The case for a 9 ft rod weighs about 2 lbs. (1kg).  Longer cases weigh slightly more and shorter cases weigh slightly less.

Does the case float ?
Our tests have shown that a REEL NEET Flyrod case will float if dropped in the water,  at least long enough for you to recover it.  We do recommend,   however,  that you only cast your flyline into the water......... and keep your case with you in the boat !!

How much do they cost ?
REEL NEET Flyrod cases are very reasonably priced,  only  $79.95 in Canadian funds.  Shipping charges and taxes are additional.

Where can I buy one ?
You can order your own REEL NEET Flyrod case by clicking right here !

What are they made from ?
REEL NEET Flyrod cases are molded from high-density polyethylene,   the same tough light-weight material used in many white-water kayaks and canoes.   This material is impact resistant and does not become brittle in cold weather as many plastics do.

What colors do they come in ?
You have your choice of grey, grey, or if you're particularly adventurous, grey !  We used to manufacture the cases in black,  but we found that the material attracted too much heat,   causing the case to warp in high temperatures.

What is that weird sound when I open this site?
If you thought it was Celine Dion trying to sing "Oh Canada", that's a pretty good guess,  but it's not.
It's, actually, the call of the loona water bird that symbolizes our Canadian wilderness.  It's haunting call can be heard on most of our flyfishing lakes.  (You may need "Active X" enabled to hear hear it.)                                                            

What is the meaning of life ?
Limit your catch...don't catch your limit !  Release 2.gif (10050 bytes)



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