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Rod Case Open.jpg (12835 bytes) Finally, a solid impact-resistant case that allows you to leave the reel on your fly rod !   Simply separate the sections of the rod,  leaving the reel, line, leader and fly intact.  REELNEET Flyrod cases offer much more than just convenience, though,  they offer superb protection as well.........
Reel.jpg (19052 bytes) REELNEET Flyrod cases are molded from rugged high-density polyethylene,  the same tough, light weight, material used in today's white water kayaks !   A fully padded reel section protects your reel,  while keeping   your fly line clean and dust free.
Installing Foams.jpg (29675 bytes)  Each case includes two foam pads to protect your valuable flyrod inside the case. Simply wrap the foams around the rod sections as shown,  and fasten them with the Velcro backing. While you're fishing, the foams store neatly inside the reel section of the case.
Cut-away of case.jpg (10317 bytes) The foam padding in the reel section,  along with the foam pads around the rod, hold your flyrod suspended within the protective walls of the case. Even a severe blow to the outside of the REELNEET Flyrod case will not harm your valuable flyrod.
Truck running over case.jpg (58489 bytes)  We do not claim that our case will always protect your flyrod if run over by a truck,  but in this demonstration you can see that REELNEET Flyrod cases fare far better than do aluminum cases when subjected to rough treatment. (And, by the way, the flyrod,  in this case, was unharmed............but, don't try this at home,   we're highly trained professionals !)
Lock on case.jpg (14571 bytes)  For additional protection,  when travelling,   a small chain and padlock can be used to prevent the case from being opened.  ( Remember, though, that locks only keep out honest people.)
Case Closed.jpg (12243 bytes) REELNEET Flyrod cases,  with our patented design,  look great,  wherever you travel.  They are available in sizes to hold fly rods of all lengths,  from 4 section back-packing rods to 11 ft flyrods.   The case for a 9 ft rod weighs just over 2 lbs. (1kg).
Belly Boat 2.jpg (47553 bytes)  REELNEET Flyrod cases are ideal for float tubes.  Leave the case strapped to the side of the belly-boat while fishing,  and when you're ready to return to shore there will be no risk of tripping and breaking a tip while getting out of the water.
CanadianTeam.jpg (70214 bytes) At the World Flyfishing Competition,  held in Kamloops, B.C.,   the members of Team Canada proudly display their REELNEET Flyrod cases.  Unfortunately,  they were so busy playing with their new cases,   they forgot to catch  big fish,   and lost the competition !  


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