These are some of the more interesting and useful Web Sites I have found.
This list will continue to grow, so please check back.


Ezguide This Web Site can be used as a good Home Page.  It's full of links to all kinds of regional, provincial, national, educational and entertaining Web Sites. This link is for Kelowna, BC, but you can change it to most other cities in Canada.
All My Faves Another great Site to use as a Home Page....links to just about anything you'd want to find on the Web !
CBC After reading my email messages in the morning, I like to have a cup of coffee and read the news. These are the first two news sights I always check. Sometimes one may have a slightly different slant on the news than the other.
Webodpedia If you need to find the definition of a computer or technical term you can find out all the information on this Site.
Wikipedia A great on-line encyclopedia. The community can add to or edit explanations on this Site.
How Stuff Works Find out how just about anything works !  You could spend days surfing around this Site...very interesting.
Google This is the best Search can search for Web Sites, images, news music, etc. etc. If it's on the Internet, you'll find it with Google !.
Gmail If you want an email account with tonnes of storage space, and one that's easily accessible from anywhere, check out Gmail. It's free and has some very useful's great to have as a back-up when your regular mail service is down.
Gracenote Can't remember who did a certain song or which songs were done by a certain artist ?  This Site is the best place to find that information. One of my favorite Sites for on-line shopping for books, CDs, DVDs, software, etc.  Easy to navigate, easy to buy, and their shipping is very fast.
Avast Anti-Virus A great FREE Anti-virus program....very light footprint on your system of the best.
Malwarebytes An excellent program for removing Rogue Anti Virus programs, Trojan Horse infections and other Malware
Kaspersky Internet Security Kaspersky Labs offers one of the best Anti-virus programs and, I think, the best Internet Security program. Their Internet Security Suite includes Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, Anti-phishing and a Firewall. The program does not slow down your computer the way other Security Suites do. You can download the program from the Kaspersky Site or buy it at any software retailer.
Snopes Before forwarding emails about plastic wrap dripping carcinogens into your food, deodorant causing breast cancer, cell phones exploding while you talk or Barack Obama being a secret Islamic terrorist, check the validity of such claims on SNOPES. Just type in a description of the story you want to verify to find out if it is fact or fiction.
OANDA Currency Converter If you're buying goods online, or planning a vacation, find out what your money's worth in any other country.
Internet Movie Database Can't remember who played a role in a certain movie ?  Find out all kinds of information about movies, TV shows, DVDs, characters and almost anything entertainment related.
Google Earth Download the FREE Google Earth and explore the world, and the universe, from the comfort of your computer.
 Ccleaner  This is an essential program for keeping your computer clean of all the crap Web Sites put on it !  It is also one of the best Registry cleaners
LibreOffice This is a free office suite that is compatible with Microsoft Office.  It will open Microsoft Office files and even save files as Microsoft Office files if you wish. Best of all it's FREE !!