Welcome to my

Cyber Storage Shed
Click on a box below to see what's inside.....

(I am still in the process of packing these boxes so please check back to see what's inside them.)



This is my computer business in Lake Country, BC. 
This box stores information about some of  the services I provide.

This box contains Webs I am currently weaving.
I pull them out of this box now and then to see how they look on the Internet.

This box contains a spreadsheet program I put together for maintaining a budget....please feel free to take it out and use it to manage your own finances.


Several years ago I patented a design for a fly rod case that allows the reel to be left on the rod....take a peek in this box for more information. I play acoustic finger-style guitar....and will gradually fill this box with some of the guitar tunes that I record on my computer.

This box holds some links to other Web Sites that I find useful or interesting.



Check what's inside this box if you're looking for some computer explanations. This box stores a basic computer course I put together a few years ago for employees of Canada Post in South/Central B.C.

This is a box where I will temporarily put stuff to share with friends and family. It will also hold some of my files that I may want to access from other computers.

Yikes ! Even I am afraid to look in this box !  No, it doesn't contain my ashes....at least not yet, anyway !   Eventually this box will hold some info about who I am and maybe a blog or two and some pictures.