I am based in Lake Country, BC, Canada and offer the following computer services in the Okanagan Valley...


Computer Lessons Individual lessons in your own home for Windows, Internet, Email, Word, Excel, Paint Shop Pro and many other programs and computer related topics.
Virus & Malware Removal If your computer is running slowly, or acting strange, you may have a Virus, Trojan Horse, Spy ware or other form of  Malware. Your computer should be disinfected before it infects other computers.
Computer Security Your computer must have an Anti-Virus program, an Anti-Spy ware Program and a Firewall to be properly protected. The best Firewall protection is a properly configured router that is secure from outside access.
Reformatting If your computer is not running as well as it once did, you might consider having it reformatted. I will save all your personal files, email messages, contacts and Favorites and then set your computer back to it's original state.....just like new !  I will also update all the current device drivers.
File Restructuring Just like organizing a closet, I can restructure the Directory Tree in your computer to allow you to more easily store, and find, all your personal folders and files.
Software & Hardware Installation Need help installing or removing a program or setting up a new peripheral ? I can also install additional RAM, another Hard Drive, CD or DVD drives and many other components.
Networking I can set up a wired, or wireless, network in your home or small office so you can connect with other computers on your network to share files and a printer.
Monitored Security Cameras I can install a Security Camera System that you can monitor and view from your computer, tablet or phone.
Custom Spreadsheet Programs If you need an Excel program designed for a certain application, or custom forms for your business, please contact me.
Budget Templates I can design a personal budget program for your home or business to track transactions and prepare for future expenses. Check out my "PRETTY GOOD BUDGET PROGRAM" for an example.
Photo Restoration Do you have old photos that are watermarked, scratched, faded, or creased ?  I can usually restore these photos if they are not too badly deteriorated.
Image Manipulation Do you have a family or group photo where one person in the group is missing, or their picture is not good ? I can take that subject from another image and place them into your photo so they look like they were in the original group photo. If your wedding pictures have flaws I may be able to correct them for you by opening closed eyes, changing frowns to smiles and erasing unwanted images in the background.
Web Design You can have your own place on the World Wide Web! I can design your Web Site, register your Domain Name and arrange for Web Hosting. Visit my "Artistic Spider Web Design" section.
Talking Computers This is a Web Site I put together about 12 years ago when I was teaching basic computers to employees of Canada Post. Click on the link to the left for information on Windows, Email, and the Internet.