This is the second love of my life,
my 1965 Martin D18.

(These pictures were taken by the first love of my wife Barb.)

I will occasionally add tunes to this list as I get around to recording them.  
These are not "professional" recordings...I just record them on my computer at home so please excuse the quality.


Nancy Claire I wrote this piece for my Mom for Mothers' Day.....surprising what you can come up with when you're too cheap to buy a present !
Anji Anji is one of my favorite guitar tunes. Written by Davy Graham, I first heard this instrumental played in a live concert by Paul Simon at the University of Manitoba in the mid sixties.... his performance blew me away !  My rendition is a concoction of versions by Davy Graham, Paul Simon and Bert Jansch.
Docs' Guitar Doc Watsons' guitar playing has always amazed me...his picking is the cleanest I've ever heard. I had the thrill of meeting Doc several years ago and, while talking back stage, he asked me to play one of his tunes that I'd worked up. He handed me his guitar...and I fingers could barely move ! It was like God asking you to do one of His sunsets !!  (He wasn't nearly as impressed by me as I've always been by him !! )  This is my attempt at one of his better known finger-picking tunes.
Barbs' Bucerias I wanted to do a tune for my wife, Barb, with a bit of a Mexican flavour because she used to love going to a little fishing village in Mexico, just north of Puerto Vallarta, called Bucerias.  Unfortunately, with the passing of time, Bucerias is no longer the quiet little village we once knew as it has been "found" by tourists and condo hawkers.  I guess this tune is now kind of a lament for what once was...and for the fact that right now we're shoveling snow instead of walking on the beach !
Windy & Warm Nothing to do with the effects of chili and beer..... This tune was written by John Loudermilk and recorded by Chet Atkins. My version is similar to the arrangement by Doc Watsons' son, Merle.